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We're excited that you've decided to learn more about what the Bible says and how it applies to us today. We would be honored to assist you.

Please fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you to discuss your needs and availability. Only your name and email address are required to get started.

You can study the Bible any way you like, but we recommend joining a group. We find that the discussion fostered in a small study group allows everyone to learn from each other. Our groups generally meet once a week for about 30 minutes per session.

For beginners, we recommend that you join a group doing an overview study of the Bible to help you become more familiar with it. More experienced Bible students know that an overview of the Bible is always a good choice, but may also want to consider other topics when available. Whatever you decide, we'll mail the study guides to you at no cost.

The various formats and topics are dependent on teacher availability. Please let us know your interests and preferences so that we can continue to improve.

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