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That our church be a center for health, healing and wholeness in our community

COVID-19 Resources

Do you or someone you know have COVID-19? Keep scrolling for some amazing resources for boosting your immune system!

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Want to Improve Your Overall Health?

You've come to the right place! Our health resources and lectures have everything you need to improve your health today. 

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Need Some Healthy Recipes?

It's a great time of year to try something new. Check out some healthy recipe ideas to try at home!

COVID-19 Resources

Youngberg Clinic Immune Protocol

Youngberg Clinic Immune Protocol

Immune Protocol for Optimizing Your Immune System if Exposed or Infected with a Respiratory Virus



Check this out: Fomentations, Hot Foot Bath & Cold Mitten Friction. The HYDRO4COVID website is a great resource for hydrotherapy techniques, prophylaxis of any illness as well as treatment of COVID-19.


Dr. James Marcum Cardiologist and director of Heartwise ministries shares Biblical wisdom as well scientific information to consider when making decisions on important Health topics.

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  Healthy-Living Resources



NEWSTART is a physician monitored, scientifically researched lifestyle-change program based on eight fundamental principles proven to help you achieve optimum health!

Take Charge Of Your Health

Take Charge Of Your Health

Take charge of your health—mind, body, and spirit! In each presentation, medical experts share practical advice to improve your health and sense of well-being. No gimmicks, no miracle cures, just sound health principles that will give you strength of body and peace of mind. Plus, you’ll learn many of the Bible’s wellness secrets! You really can Take Charge of Your Health!

Hot Off The Garlic Press

Hot Off The Garlic Press

Check out this article from our Health Ministry Leader to find out everything you'll ever want to know about garlic.

Next Level Health

Next Level Health

Join health experts from around the country as they share free and practical ways to level up every area of a person’s life.

Health Talks

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food & Recipes

Click here for simple, wholesome breadmaking from our Bread Bake-along

Yum, warm, freshly-baked, wholesome bread! Click for Recipe

July Recipes

Click here to access this summer's Cook-A-Long recipes for burgers, vegan cheesy sauce, slaw and more!

Canning with Glennis!

Click here for printable instructions on how to preserve peaches through canning, as taught during our August Cook-A-Long with Glennis.


Recipes from your favorite cooks as seen on 3ABN.

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