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Voice of Prophecy: The Appearing


It’s on people’s minds. Millions of books have been sold—too often with the truth left behind. Social media is filled with people sharing and re-sharing conspiracy theories about it. As ongoing wars rage across the world, and hurricanes, and tornadoes and floods rock the planet on a regular basis, people around the globe are asking, “Are these the last days?”


Starting Oct. 12th, during The Appearing, the Waterford Seventh-Day Adventist Church will explore that topic by studying what the Bible has to say about the Second Coming of Christ. In addition, you’ll take a closer look at the ancient prophecies of the Bible and piece together a startling but undeniable picture of last-day events that may come as a surprise to many people.


We are thrilled to be hosting this series. The Appearing will involve both documentary-style and live elements, featuring local moderator Daniel Charles.  All are welcome to attend this free event, and all attendees will receive a copy of Boonstra’s new book, The Appearing, while supplies last.